Our company began with friendships.

The Friendships between 5 friends started the company.  With the experience we have in mobile device industry, the friendship within us made the company.  So, Celluxion Inc was born.


Through the combined experiences that we have had, we have seen that using mobile devices can sometimes be more complicated than it should be.

We felt the dilemma of mobile device users, and from that feeling, we regarded it as our goal in offering accessories that will make the use of mobile devices simple, easier and handy. We share the same passion and love for technology and that radiates with our products and services that we offer to our beloved customers.


With the combined experience and passion for technology and wanting to make things easier, we have created a company that cares for the customers and aims to keep their lives simpler through our product offerings.

Also through this passion, we strive to make life easier for techies like us and provide innovative and useful mobile device accessories and other products to our customers. This is where the brands NCURV and NPULZ were born and has become the brands on where they are now. We always make a point that our products will assist with different usage and circumstances, but at the same time trendy and in tune with the current innovations.

With this goal in mind, we are reaching for the pinnacle of the trade and will continue to become the leader in offering phone accessories and other great products.

We provide top-notch products – our customers are going to receive well inspected products with very high quality. We regard that technology is supposed to make things in life easier, and we make sure that our products will make our customer’s mobile phones’ lives easier and not the other way around. We never stop searching for new trends and innovations as we embrace simple things.

To make sure our customers will have the simplest but the most useful accessories, we keep on putting fresh products offered to customers. This is to make sure our customers who will buy our products will be trendy, unique but at the same time aiding their mobile devices to become simpler. Here at NCURV and NPULZ, we provide the handy accessories and outdoor accessories that will ease your life while keeping it simple.



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